Saturday 12 August / Mainstage

23:15 – 00:30

The ideal timing to program Air is around the time that Saturday night and Sunday morning fall into a
loving embrace. You’re still full of party adrenaline but little by little ready for some peace and quiet
and divine melodies to accompany you on that transition. With their electronics and effects Air
creates the ideal atmosphere with a sound that is both organic and exciting. Because we can’t have
groups playing until sunrise, we invited Air on Saturday night, and we’re sure that with their
enchanting songs they will be one of the highlights of the 2017 Lokerse Feesten. With songs like ‘Sexy
boy’, ‘Kelly watch the stars’, ‘All I need’ (Moon Safari, 1998), ‘Playground love’, ‘Cherry blossom girl’,
‘Surfing on a rocket’ and ‘How does it make you feel?’ they have enough ammunition to fire a dose of
their energy and euphoria your way to last you a week. Listening to classics like ‘Moon safari’, ‘The
virgin suicides’ or ‘Talkie walkie’ feels like leafing through old photo albums, taking you on a trip
down memory lane. Not entirely sure what their plans for the future are so don’t miss out on this
opportunity to see them at work on Saturday 12 August. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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