Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (USA)

Sunday 6 August / Mainstage

22:20 – 23:25

The Grim Reaper sure has been busy in rock ’n roll circles these last few years. Not only did he come for Cooper’s snake pet, the boa constrictor Julius Squeezer, but also legends like Bowie and Lemmy were paid a visit. It’s as if the Grim Reaper was scared of the competition. Is it because we fear another unwelcome visit that we still so often listen to ‘Love it to death’ (1971), ‘Killer’ (1971), ‘Billion dollar babies’ (1973) or ‘Trash’ (1989), to name just a few of Alice Cooper classics? Not really, because these albums are simply immortal. And his singles ‘School’s out’, ‘Elected’, ‘Hello hurray’, ‘No more Mr. Nice guy’, ‘I’m eighteen’, ‘How you gonna see me now’, ‘Poison’, etc, give us goose bumps every time we listen to them.

The great news is that Alice Cooper is coming to Lokeren this summer, his third time already. He’ll show you and his colleagues on Metal Day that it is certainly possible to fill a spectacular live show with brilliant songs. He’ll probably be the most renowned living legend you’ll see at the Lokerse Feesten this year. So you buy your ticket now if you want to join us at this metal party and we’ll fax the Grim Reaper to kindly ask him to go and harass another segment of the population and leave the legendary rock artists be.

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