Apocalyptica (FI)

Sunday 6 August / Mainstage

17:55 – 18:45

Here’s how we imagine it all came about in the nineties: a handful of young outcasts were bored stiff during their math class in Helsinki and started to argue about which song on ‘Metallica’, also known as ‘The Black Album’, they liked best and dreaming out loud about covering that album within the boundaries of their comfort zone. Their comfort zone being cellos and violins in a classical concert setting. Some years later, that dream became reality when they released the cd ‘Plays Metallica by four cellos’ in 1996, an album that was very well received by metal fans. With the selection of eight tunes from the best four albums by Metallica they were invited to every self-respecting metal festival. After intensely touring for 21 years, releasing another cover album and some successful CDs with own material, they are ready to perform again and let you enjoy their unusual interpretation of ‘Enter sandman’, ‘Nothing else matters’ and ‘Wherever I may roam’. Good beer, nice weather and an hour filled with classics, what more can a head banger ask for? They should definitely play ‘The four horsemen’ from Metallica’s first album seeing that the composer will be there that night as well. Maybe we can get him to join them on stage.

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