Ben Harper

Ben Harper (USA)

Tuesday 8 August / Mainstage

23:15 – 00:45

Singer-songwriter and avid surfer, Ben Harper, learned to play the guitar at a very young age. And we’re happy he did, because with his six-string he has built himself a celebrated career. Thirteen studio records, each one very different from the other. The man switches styles like he switches underwear. But blues is always at the base and he tops it up with razor-sharp and intelligently written lyrics.  He mixes it with gospel, folk, rock ‘n roll, pop, world music, funk rock and yellow/red/green reggae and uses a slide guitar to create a kind of blues with benefits. Listening to it, you can feel the warmth of the Californian sun, but also some hints of dark city nights. In Lokeren there will be no jamming, because Harper is playing solo. Just him and his guitar, but you’ll quickly realise that you don’t need a complete rock band to get the audience’s devoted attention. So don’t forget: Tuesday 8 August 2017.

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