Black Box Revelation

Black Box Revelation (BE)

Friday 4 August / Mainstage

21:45 – 23:00

Black Box Revelation’s fourth album ‘Highway cruiser’ sounds as if it was recorded in a messy, cigarette smelling and rum-scented man cave. With heavy riffs and migraine chasing drums, they play a type of rock ‘n roll that makes you want to play air guitar and stomp your feet. Their sound reminds of the blues the way AC/DC reinvented it but updated with that typical Black Box Revelation flair, swamp rock for head bangers if you like. Something to look forward to are The Gospel Queens, a backing choir that not only adds an extra pound of soul but also an extra touch of sexiness to the otherwise very manly and robust rock ‘n roll. So come and enjoy an hour-long of thrashy rock ’n roll on Friday 4 August and listen to fine tunes like ‘I think I like you’, ‘High on a wire’, ‘Do I know you’ or ‘My perception’.

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