Coely (BE)

Thursday 10 August / Mainstage

20:15 – 21:15

There’s a lot happening in the world and young people in Flanders are searching for their own voice, a voice speaking the language of the streets, picked up by own experience and accepted by the street community as genuine. In Coely’s case, the unofficial first lady of Antwerp, you’d better write Voice with capital ‘V’ because her latest hit ‘Wake up call’ proves that intelligent lyrics and a powerful voice can be an explosive combination. And that’s just one of Coely’s assets. Switching from raw raps to a soul sound sweeter than honey, Coely’s songs are instant hits and easily conquer their place in the playlists of national radio stations. Last year her anthem was ‘Don’t care”, this year ‘Wake up call’ is the song that will make the international competition nervous. The Lokerse Feesten are going urban on Thursday 10 August and if we can give you some advice: make sure you’re there in time to enjoy Coely’s enchanting Voice and for the love of Prince, Tupac, Biggie or other gods, enjoy yourselves.

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