Fabio & Grooverider

Fabio & Grooverider

Tuesday 8 August / Red Bull Elektropedia Room

00:30 – 02:30

Rhythmic drums, low tones and breakbeats; these are the basic ingredients for Drum ‘n’ Bass. This style emerged in 1991 from the London rave and jungle scene, and critics announced unanimously that the hype wouldn’t even last a year. The contrary proved to be true, in 2017 Drum ‘n’ Bass is very much alive with loads of passionate fans worldwide. To honour this survival Fabio & Grooverider, aka ‘The Godfathers of drum & bass’, will bring you on 8 August the best this music genre produced in the last 25 years.

Fabio & Grooverider have been on the music scene longer than 25 years. In the 80ies they mainly played acid and house, but gradually they turned to breakbeat, jungle and eventually Drum ‘n’ Bass. They invented it and never let it go. Both artists started up their own label. Fabio focused on the musical side with Creative Source, whilst Grooverider sought out the dark and rough side of the genre with Prototype. As ‘Codename John’ he scored a couple of big hits like ‘The Warning’ and ‘Kindred’. Their crowning glory as a duo was their weekly radio show on BBC 1 Radio, allowing them to introduce a lot of artists and genres to a wide international audience. For a long time it was unthinkable that Drum ‘n’ Bass could get into the charts, but thanks to Fabio & Grooverider’s efforts this style is now represented in the charts by artists like Chase & Status and Netsky. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Drum ‘n’ Bass Fabio & Grooverider released a compilation. Drum ‘n’ Bass fans are into a ‘trip down memory lane’ on 8 August in the Elektropedia Room!

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