J. Bernardt

J. Bernardt (BE)

Saturday 12 August / Mainstage

20:00 – 20:50

It would be no problem to organize a very exciting festival day just with Balthazar and all its spin-offs,
but maybe that’s an idea for next year’s edition. This year it’s Balthazar’s front man Jinte Deprez’ turn
to join us in Lokeren with his solo project J. Bernardt. Instead of harmonious and divine sounding
guitar songs you will get songs that feel like they were composed on a laptop and old synthesizer and
immersed in a bucket of hot soul. Once you’ve heard the stunning single ‘Calm down’, the trip-hoppy
‘The other man’ and the impressive ‘Wicket streets’, you’ll be curious to hear more. And there is
more where that came from. Come and listen to the other gems on their debut album on Saturday
12 August.

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