Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake (USA)

Wednesday 9 August / Mainstage

21:05 – 21:55

You didn’t think we’d serve you The Offspring as a main course without presenting you with a suitable entrée, did you? We’ll let Less Than Jake do the honours. Loud guitars, blazing basses and a drummer who likes to set the pace, these are just a few of the ingredients you need to make a good nineties punk band.  But seeing that they also play the trombone and saxophone you know you’re in for a touch of ska! By the time you’re reading this they will have released yet another EP (‘Sound the alarm’) to supplement their already extensive discography. No idea whether this EP will include cult hits like ‘My very own flag’, ‘Jen doesn’t like me anymore’, ‘Where the hell is Mike Sinkovich?’ or our favourite ‘All my best friends are metal heads’, but we have never known Less Than Jake to underperform. We will find you a suitable appetizer for their performance on Wednesday 9 August.

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