Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne (USA)

Thursday 10 August / Mainstage

23:30 – 00:45

The southern states of America in the nineteenth century, that’s where it all began, folks. The catching and/or spiritual slave songs of the cotton fields form the base for blues, r&b, rock ‘n roll and all the types of music we like to dance to. So indirectly they also form the origin of hip hop. The former slaves have now become bosses and in the hip hop scene the South is now referred to as The Dirty South, home to talented hood rats like Ludacris, Juvenile, T.I., T-Pain and the biggest talent of them all, Lil Wayne. Wayne is known for his strive for perfection and the man has won more gold than Usain Bolt and Ian Thorpe combined. Every single he releases shows his innate class and becomes an instant hit. ‘Go D.J.’, ‘Stuntin’ like my daddy’, ‘Lollipop’, ‘A Milli’ or ‘She will’ are just a few of the bombs he will drop on you, causing an explosion of genius beats and rhymes you and your homies can enjoy once you’ve bought your tickets on the website.

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