Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots

Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots

Sunday 6 August / Mainstage

19:15 – 20:15

We still think that Sepultura is the only band that could have knocked Metallica from the throne in the 90s. They played the big concert halls on this continent and their singles used to dominate the Studio Brussels playlists. Until the dream collapsed in 1996 leaving millions of fans devastated. Only thing that remained: their discography! Besides the holy trio ‘Beneath the remains/Arise/Chaos A.D.’ is was above all ‘Roots’ (1996) that hit the international charts hard. Hits like ‘Roots bloody roots’ and ‘Ratamahatta’ still set the party floor on fire and whenever best 90s albums lists are drawn up ‘Roots’ is a fixture. And we are so happy we can finally let the cat out of the bag: the ‘Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots’ show is coming to the Lokerse Feesten! On the set list are of course mainly ‘Roots’ tracks, but you can also expect some nice surprises (they are known to cover Venom, Motörhead or Celtic Frost). ‘Attitude’, ‘Endangered species’, ‘Straighthate’ and ‘Born stubborn’ are timeless songs that just beg to be sung by Max and driving force Iggor. So if you want to see the brothers together again, come to the Lokerse Feesten metal day this summer and find out what the fuzz was all about back then.

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