Megadeth (USA)

Sunday 6 August / Mainstage

20:45 – 21:45

If thrash metal were ever to get its own Mount Rushmore memorial, not only the heads of Hetfield, Araya and Scott Ian should be carved into a rock, but also Dave Mustaine’s. Mustaine, the smartest man in metal, is the front man of the by now legendary group Megadeth. Megadeth’s reputation is as solid as a rock and they are making a successful comeback thanks to recent triumphs with ‘Super collider’ (2013) and especially ‘Dystopia’ (2016). On that album they show just what great shape they are in. Mustaine snarls like ever before and with raging songs like ‘The Threat is real’, ‘Conquer or die’ or punk cover ‘Foreign policy’ he lets everyone know just how he feels about world politics. Combine the man’s spectacular guitar work – Mustaine is and always will be the riffmeister – with his innate drive to experiment and you just might get the thrash album of 2016. With this masterpiece and almost completely new line-up and with regained confidence, Megadeth will show you just who invented this style of music. And he won’t have to boast about it because during his hour-long show, classic songs like ‘Holy wars…the punishment due’, ‘Symphony of destruction’, ‘In my darkest hour’ or ‘Peace sells’ will speak for themselves.

We’ll be pumping up the volume at the Grote Kaai that night with ear-splitting bass drums, because we know that’s how you like it.  We’re sure thousands of loyal fans will be coming to the Lokerse Feesten’s 8th Metal day on Sunday 6 August to head bang away to the number three on our Big Fourwish list. Maybe we should try number four next year…

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