Safi (BE)

Sunday 6 August / Red Bull Elektropedia Room

22:45 – 23:30

In Flanders everyone knows the duo Safi & Spreej. The uncrowned kings of Flemish hip hop pulled the plug after their last album ‘Trots’. They both went their own way and started a solo career. Safi was the first to release new work and his solo debut was welcomed with a Sony Music Label contract. His single ‘Fine’ was a hit on nearly all the Belgian radio stations and scored 100.000 views on YouTube in the first three weeks after the release. With a golden pop sound and a clear  focus on good hooks Safi doesn’t shy away from candid themes. Although the beats sound fresher and sunnier than before Safi doesn’t renounce his roots: his second single ‘Hoge Ogen’ is a perfect example of the evolution from S&S to Safi 2.0. And live Safi 2.0 is even better than before!

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