School Is Cool

School Is Cool (BE)

Friday 11 August / Mainstage

20:00 – 20:50

Which band invents a completely new sound not once but twice and manages to stay up there with the best of the Belgian indie bands? Only School is Cool could do that. Both on ‘Entropology” and ‘Nature Fear’, Johannes Genard and his band proved themselves to be masters of reinvention. And like true masters, they are unpredictable. It’s precisely that kind of unpredictability that makes them so appealing. It shouldn’t surprise you then that they added another twist to their new single. ‘Trophy Wall’ is the best possible introduction to the world of ‘Good News’, the new album they will release in the fall. A metaphor about a hunter and his Big Game, lethargically draped around a catchy song full of golden melodies. “I’ll leave it up to the listeners to decide whether the song is about the beginning or the end of a relationship. ‘You wouldn’t want me on your trophy wall’, is clearly ambiguous. So for me it’s the ideal single release for the album”, says Genard with a grin. The heavy themes are traded in for open-hearted songs about deeply human imperfections. It’s the first time School is Cool abandons the idea of a common theme for the whole album, but you can’t help but notice how well the songs fit together. They also go back to that warm band sound of their debut album. “As a band we have never been as close as we are now”, Johannes explains. “And what’s more we recorded all the songs live”.  Luke Smith, producer of among others Foals, Everything Everything,…, wouldn’t stop until he got that golden take for each song. “This forced us to work really at the base of each song…The rhythm section is actually the spine of this album.” Topped up with Ben Baptie’s mixing duties, the sound on ‘Trophy Wall’ is also a real treat.

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