Slaves (UK)

Wednesday 9 August / Mainstage

19:00 – 19:35

The streetwise blues punk of the English duo Slaves is so catchy you just can’t keep still listening to their album ‘Cheer up London’. These two youngsters have released two albums until now: ‘Are you satisfied?’ (2015) and ‘Take control’ (2016), and we can’t wait to hear more of their thrashy party rock and drooly lyrics. Listen to the goading song ‘Sockets’, the juicy rhythm of ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Where’s your Car Debbie?’ and let yourself be carried away by these punk rock thugs. Nice to know is that their second album was produced by former Beastie Boys member Mike D, who also makes a guest appearance on the song “Consume or Be Consumed”. Slaves will be the opening act on Wednesday 9 August, so the guys from Sublime With Rome, Less Than Jake and The Offspring had better be in shape if they want to match up to that.

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