Sublime With Rome

Sublime With Rome

Wednesday 9 August / Mainstage

20:00 – 20:40

We have known the combination ska/punk rock to cause musical fireworks in the past, but it was never as impressive as the bonfire Sublime made in the nineties with their third album (‘Sublime’, 1996). Despite the fact that they sold 6 million copies of the album the band broke up shortly after, following the death of their lead singer. But bass player Eric Wilson found himself a new lead singer/guitar player, Rome Ramirez, and together with star drummer Josh Freeze they have been touring around the world under the name Sublime with Rome, conquering the hearts of old and new fans. What to expect? Songs from their two albums ‘Yours truly’ (2011) and ‘Sirens’ (2015), the best Sublime party tracks, tons of good vibes and a dance floor filled with jumping enthusiasts.

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