Tamino (BE)

Tuesday 8 August / Mainstage

19:00 – 19:50

More and more our Belgian radio station Studio Brussel is proving to be an excellent launching platform for new Belgian talent. Latest discovery is Tamino, a young man from Antwerp with a voice that envelops you as a warm winter blanket on an ice-cold night. For his stage name, he found inspiration in the remarkable character of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. As for his music, the sober and quiet beauty of his single ‘Habibi’ makes someone like Bonnie Prince Billy sound like a mix of drum ‘n bass and doom metal. You’ll have a hard time trying to describe just how beautiful his songs are because you’ll be too busy catching your breath after each one. Tamino will be the opening act on Tuesday, a night that will be filled with strong lyrics, magnificent men’s voices, pianos and guitars. Save up all your melancholy for 8 August, and enjoy the best concert evening of the year.

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