The Offspring

The Offspring (USA)

Wednesday 9 August / Mainstage

23:50 – 01:20

We can’t begin to count the number of times punk rock has been declared dead. No sooner had the The Sex Pistols released their album, than the first condolences started pouring in and when The Ramones decided to work with Phil Spector people couldn’t wait to organize their funeral. But punk wouldn’t be punk if it didn’t reinvent itself over and over again and it reached its commercial peak seventeen years after ‘No Future’ with the breakthrough of Californian skate punk bands like The Offspring. Suddenly half of the western teenagers bought themselves a skateboard, hooked a chain on their bermuda shorts and wore their baseball caps backwards. After all these years we still love pogoing to the tunes of ‘Self esteem’, ‘Come out and play’, ‘Pretty fly (for a white guy)’, ‘Gotta Get Away’ or ‘The kids aren’t alright’. When these gentlemen confirmed their visit to the Grote Kaai on Wednesday 9 August, the intro of that fantastic song ‘All I want’ immediately sprang to mind: Yeah Yeah  Yeah Yeah Yeahhh.  When The Offspring launch their jukebox set, young and old(er) will holler along as if it were 1996. That’s the year they buried grunge instead of punk. So come out and play with The Offspring from Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday 9 August!

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