Tjens Matic

Tjens Matic (BE)

Monday 7 August / Mainstage

21:45 – 22:45

When the AB concert hall announced that Arno would be playing in the AB Club with a new group Tjens Matic, it sold out in a couple of minutes. Luckily you’ll get a second chance to see Arno and his new band at the Lokerse Feesten on 7 August. What to expect? Belgium’s Plus Beau’s first band Tjens Couter played a raw kind of blues and their single ‘Gimme what I need’ is said to have featured on the juke-box of the legendary CBGB’s in New York. Tjens Couter later became TC Matic. With this band Arno had numerous hits in the charts and the ingenuity of this metropolitan multilingual post punk had no match in Belgium. If you know that with Tjens Matic he combines the furious Tjens Couter repertoire with brilliant TC Matic songs you know you’re in for a legendary night in Lokeren. Ça sera vachement bien.

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