Zwangere Guy

Zwangere Guy

Thursday 10 August / Red Bull Elektropedia Room

19:45 – 20:15

Zwangere Guy is yet another peevish inhabitant of our country’s capital. So expect more stories from the streets of Brussels, in Dutch, French and that queer dialect they speak between the Sablon and the Basilica, the Porte de Namur and the Canal district. Hours and hours of practicing in his room definitely paid off because his solo debut album ‘Zwangerschapsverlof vol. 3’ (2017)  is a skilful collection of jazzy and bouncing beats, with a sluggish to ominous atmosphere and intelligent lyrics and raps. The gruesomely brilliant single ‘Dokter Guy’ (2016) proves how far Zwangere Guy’s success can reach: it’s played in clubs where they speak none of the aforementioned languages. But in Lokeren we’ll have no trouble understanding him.

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