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Once again our builders have succeeded in creating a festival village where you and I can become the best of neighbors.


Crowd surfing is banned as it is at all the big festivals in Europe. A violation of this rule can result in removal from the festival grounds. This way the people at the front can enjoy everything that’s happening on stage without constantly having to protect themselves.


The Lokerse Feesten co-signed the Belgian charter for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss at music concerts. Together with the city council and the province of Oost-Vlaanderen strict rules have been drawn up concerning sound levels. We are well aware of the risks involved with continued exposure to loud music. That is why every year we choose the best sound installation, guaranteeing an excellent sound quality at an acceptable sound level. The festivalgoers can also obtain free BLOX earplugs from our information booth and the eating and drinking stalls on the festival grounds. Also available at the SCREAM shop: BLOX models especially designed for live music and protective ear muffs for children (www.blox.info). We would also advise you not to stand right in front of the audio boxes and to give your ears a rest after each concert.


Visitors will be checked when entering the festival grounds. If you refuse to be checked, access will be denied.

  • Professional photo, video and audio recording equipment
  • Drinks and other liquids (alcoholic & non alcoholic)
  • Glass & plastic bottles
  • Cans, cartons, drinking cups/bottles
  • Camel bags / water back packs
  • Aerosol spray cans (deodorant, hairspray, …)
  • Drugs (police will be notified)
  • Weapons (police will be notified)
  • Working tools (screw driver, box cutter, nails, screws, …)
  • Knives or other sharp objects
  • Seats / folding chairs / canes
  • Inflatable objects (balls, seats, paddling pools…)
  • Tents and other camping gear
  • Tripods / selfie sticks / laser pens / drones
  • Firework / gas / gas burners / candles
  • Parasols and/or umbrellas with pointed tops
  • Plastic or wooden crates
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Flyers / stickers / posters and other promotional material
  • Any other object that we consider to be dangerous

Allowed: guide dogs, simple throw-away or pocket cameras, folding umbrellas without pointed top, sun cream in tube, small back packs or hand bags


If you are looking for up-to-date festival information, you can go to our information booth, which you will find on the opposite side of the stage in the so-called ‘quiet’ zone. Don’t forget to take out your earplugs, so that our co-workers do not have to strain their voice. If you don’t have earplugs yet, you can get them there.


Near the festival entrance (sector Main Stage) you will find lockers where you can safely store your belongings.


On the festival grounds you will find different red cross stands, where all kind of injuries can be treated. The stands are spread over the festival grounds so that a quick intervention/evacuation is possible at all times.


A valid entrance ticket does not automatically give you access to the RBE Room, because due to safety regulations a maximum number of 1200 people is allowed. So make sure you are on time. Emergency exits are clearly indicated and are manned by our security people so that they can intervene in case of an emergency.


You would be amazed by the amount of garbage we produce at a festival. In order to recycle it is very important that both visitors and co-workers sort all this garbage as much as possible. We cannot do it without you!

The Lokerse Feesten have invested a lot in recent years to limit the impact on the environment. And we want to keep this up! That is why we call on you (festivalgoers) to help us achieve this…
We wish you a very sunny, pleasant but above all environmentally-friendly Lokerse Feesten!


Just as in previous years the area close to the stage has been constructed in such a way as to guarantee the visitors’ comfort and safety. A corridor that runs between the stage and the P.A. area, with side-passages on both sides, allows our security people to have a perfect view of the area, as well as penetrate into the crowd. The side-passages also help to prevent the crowd from being pushed towards the stage.


On both sides of the stage it is possible to evacuate people. Besides the entrance and exit there are two extra emergency exits, which are clearly indicated. In case of an emergency our security people and the red cross assistants will take care of the visitors.


There is 24-hour camera surveillance, allowing a central control room to view the grounds, the entrance and the exits so as to enable quick and efficient intervention at all times.