Grounds | Lokerse Feesten


Festival grounds

Once again our builders have succeeded in creating a festival village where you and I can become the best of neighbors.


Thanks to a wide variety of local specialties you can please your stomach at any given moment at the Lokerse Feesten. Be sure to try our "Lokerse paardenworsten" (horse meat sausages): tastes much better than it sounds, a perfect dinner dish! Trust us. Other ready-to-eat snacks: sausage rolls, Italian snacks, quiche, pizza, snails, rice pudding and pancakes. All these delicious treats are freshly made at the Lokerse Feesten and are available as long as the supplies last.


You will never have to look far to find a bar.

  • Beer and soft drinks available at the main bars.
  • The Cocktailbar: exotic, ordinary and less ordinary concoctions, ranging from sweet, sour, to bitter and from red, brown, green to yellow.
  • The Champaign bar: loads of bubbles in just one glass.
  • The "Kaffebozze": a strong cup of coffee, with or without…


They are young and quick and have to work their way through the crowd all evening. A friendly word and some appreciation can work wonders. Just give them a sign and they will try to get you your order as quickly as they can. For those suffering from bad breath: sign language can come in handy. To those who still believe that toothpaste makes your beer lose its foam: it is not true!

LF Coins

To pay for food and drinks you have to pay with LF coins! Only in the VIP tent or in the 'No Rules Bar' you will also be able to pay cash. You can buy the LF coins at the various LF counters on the festival grounds and the coins are valid all through the ten-day period. You cannot pay with foreign currencies or Proton.
You can pay with Bancontact at the LF-counter close to the infodesk on the festival site.

Information stand

For all the latest news, feel free to visit our "infostand". Except for your mother-in-law, ex-girl/boyfriend, old land rover or other stuff that you would rather lose than keep around, you can deposit your valuables there or retrieve lost items. However it is no use asking for new information every half hour. If you have any questions, our people at the "infostand" will be happy to try and answer them for you.
They are quite used to entertaining people. So if you want to know the football results or other hot news, you know where to go