LOKERSE FEESTEN-NIGHTBUS 2017-10-01T08:39:43+00:00

Getting home after a night at the Lokerse Feesten is not always easy. But this year we’re doing our best to get you home safe and sound. Every night there will be night busses going in various directions.

Departure time in Lokeren: 02:45 am

Departing from: parking space De Lijn at NMBS railway station Lokeren (a 5- to 10-minute walk from festival area)

  • Line 1: Sinaai (station), Belsele (station), Sint-Niklaas (station), Sint-Niklaas (De Ster) and Beveren (station)
  • Line 2: Zele (station), Berlare (church Sint-Martinus), Schoonaarde (station) and Dendermonde (station)
  • Line 3: Zeveneken (church), Lochristi (church), Sint-Amandsberg P&R and Gent (Dampoort)
  • Line 4: Waasmunster (church OLV), Hamme (Veldstraat), Temse (station) and Bornem (station)
  • Line 5: Express line to Berchem (station)

You need to buy your ticket beforehand!

Exchange your voucher the evening itself at the box office for a bus ticket.

The ticket is a one-way ticket home. We advise you to use public transport (bus or train) to get there.