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The Lokerse Feesten festival is still growing every year and is receiving more and more press coverage. We like to welcome the press in the best way possible, but we also want to make sure everything runs smoothly. So please keep the following in mind:

  • You can get your press accreditation from Bruno:
  • We like to receive a grouped request per company or press medium. This speeds up and simplifies the process for both you and us.
  • Send your request in time. When we receive a lot of requests it can take a week before a request is processed.
  • Please make your interview requests with the artist’s record company. If no record company is available, we can assist you with your request.
  • It is no use showing up with your press card if we have not received a written request beforehand.


Only press photographers with accreditations can take pictures front stage. We only allow a limited number of photographers. Every accredited photographer has to sign a Lokerse Feesten vzw photo agreement beforehand.

It is possible that artists impose additional restrictions.

  • We will try to inform you in advance
  • You will find up-to-date guidelines in the press area (when in doubt, check!)

To avoid problems please do not take pictures of or film artists back stage without their explicit permission.