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Pre-sale tickets

  • Tickets for 2018 are not available yet
  • Belfius, ABN Amro, Postbank, Rabobank Nederland and SNS Bank clients can order tickets through online banking
  • ATTENTION: Do not fold or damage. Access can be denied. At the entrance this ticket will be electronically checked and registered. Any form of reproduction is impossible. Only tickets bought through official channels are accepted.
  • Children under 12 have free access in the evening, no ticket required.
  • If you are younger than 14 you have to be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets at ticket booth

You can buy your ticket at the ticket booth on the festival night – for both the main stage and the Red Bull Elektropedia Room – as long as supplies last. The main stage ticket price will be 3 to 5 euro higher than a pre-sale ticket.
A Main stage ticket includes access to the Red Bull Elektropedia Room.
At the ticket booth you can also buy tickets for other festival nights at the pre-sale rate.