Hold on to everything you can possibly hold on to: Alestorm is probably the craziest group we have ever invited to play in Lokeren!  Alestorm is a Scottish band that in recent years has evolved from being a support act to a band that can now choose its own opening acts. All a matter of who brings the best beer, we suspect. Because of their outfits, Alestorm have been dubbed a ‘pirate metal band’ but before you can shout ‘Ahoy’ they will have launched a set that is midway between headbanging and boarding a beer tent. Their music is difficult to describe, but we’ll give it a shot: power metal with a touch of folk. Danceable and cuddly, but with riffs and a rhythm section that spit venom like an angry lama. Their most recent album ‘No grave but the sea’ (2017) is so addictive that we kept roaring the choruses on that album for days, driving our housemates up the wall. Alestorm will be playing on our metal day on Sunday 4 August and we promise you the party of you life.