Bad Religion

05 AUG 2020

After forty years of punk rocking Bad Religion still doesn’t show any sign of wear, contrary to many pop bands that also started out in the early eighties. They didn’t need hit parades or MTV to fill ever bigger concert halls and to teach kids how to punk rock across the US. What The Ramones or The Sex Pistols did in the 70s, lead singer Greg Graffin took over in the 80s/90s. With a lot of touring and an extensive discography they not only conquered the US but also the rest of the world, renewing European interest in American fast punk. In the 90s things went very fast for Bad Religion as they broke into the mainstream and their supporting acts also shared their success. Two years after their triumph in Lokeren Bad Religion returns with another new album ‘Age of unreason’, released in troubled times when young people need some punk power to pogo their way through this strange world.

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