06 AUG 2020

Balthazar’s latest album ‘Fever’ (2019) sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a film about a sleazy part of town in the early nineties, where dark clubs opened their doors late at night and private dancers welcomed you with open arms. Sultry, rhythmic, steamy and sexy in an uncomfortable way. They are by far the most successful Belgian indie band of the decade. After a short break and several fantastic side projects like Zimmerman, J. Bernardt and Warhaus, Balthazar is back together and touring. Wherever they go Balthazar plays until the last sceptic listener is brought on board. Usually it takes about a song and a half. That’s how it was the last time they played in Lokeren and we’re sure that’s how it will be this time around on Thursday 6 August.


Main Stage

red bull music room

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