Black Eyed Peas

01 AUG 2020

Since 2015 Black Eyed Peas is a men’s club again. Back to basics, so to speak, and those basics are: live hip-hop played at a hallucinatory high level. A long time ago, we saw and his crew give one of the best hip-hop concerts ever on Belgian soil. And that’s exactly the kind of quality we are looking for to play at the Lokerse Feesten on Saturday 1st August. Time and again the opening track ‘Back 2 hiphop’ on their last album ‘Masters of the sun, vol. 1’ (2018) gives us goose bumps and fills us with warmth and joy. Now if you want to cheer along with another 15.000 like-minded people to songs like ‘Let’s get it started’, ‘Boom boom pow’ or ‘I gotta feeling’, rest assured: these songs still form the locomotive that sets the hip hop train in motion, with destination Delirium and Euphoria. And songs like ‘Where is the love’ and the new ‘Big love’, which can be considered this generation’s ‘All you need is love’ and ‘Let it be’, carry an irrevocably urban and colourful sound. Black Eyed Peas live, that’s bigger than life itself. Where is the love again, you said? Well, in Lokeren of course and it’s only a few mouse clicks away. So order your tickets now and enjoy the Black Eyed Peas’ only summer 2020 concert in Belgium.

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