Father John Misty


If spreading melancholy were an Olympic discipline then the vulnerable extravert, Josh Tillman, would definitely win a gold medal. On his four albums, released under the moniker Father John Misty, he gives us an insight into his darkish and complex mind. His albums ‘Pure comedy’ (2017) and ‘God’s favorite customer’ (2018) are emotionally charged albums, but absolutely breath-taking. Love letters addressed to no one in particular, since the author clearly doesn’t think they will ever be read. The kind of heartache that serves as an inspiration for some very beautiful and intense songs.  Critics have to come up with new superlatives whenever they want to describe Tillman’s master pieces as originally as possible. Programmed between Whispering Sons and Patti Smith on Monday 5 August, Father John Misty will make it one of the most intense nights at the Lokerse Feesten this year.

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