The Whatevers


Longtime friends Dim and Kim – no that wasn’t exactly the reason why they started DJ’ing together – decided to take their love for eclectism a step further and came up with The Whatevers idea during the Summer of 2010.

Initially the duo started out by combining rock and hip hop. But as the ride got faster, louder and a more interesting, they didn’t mind blending other styles and in a sometimes unorthodox yet very creative and efficient soundsystem selection of bangers and classics.

In only a short amount of time Dim and Kim caught some healthy buzz and got the chance to play a range of memorable gigs at various venues (from small events to major festivals such as Pukkelpop, Laundry Day, Rock Herk, Lokerse Feesten and Tomorrowland).

Apart from a jam-packed schedule The Whatevers were also picked up by Studio Brussel to do a tonnage of radio mixes and the duo also hosts a very popular range of clubnights called Whatever! for 6 years now. Mostly at Muziekodroom / Hasselt (celebrated with a number one spot ‘Best New Party’ at the 2013 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards).

As of today The Whatevers managed to establish themselves as one of the country’s finest out-of-the-box DJ-outfits. The formula still remains the same: The Whatevers dig up and select the finest genre-crossing and energetic party anthems of the last 50 years.

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