Whispering Sons


This Brussels based band is right on track to becoming the next big thing. Fans have been futilely trying to buy their sold-out debut EP and also their two following singles are scarcely available. They won the most prestigious rock contest in Belgium, hijacked the playlists with their single ‘Alone’ (2018) and released their first LP (‘Image’, 2018), which by the way is simply fantastic. The female lead singer sounds like the Flemish Nico and together with the terrific guitar playing, they give this band a unique sound. Their rhythm sections feel like a taser on your diaphragm, only to be soothed by the keyboards hitting a melancholic chord. Whispering Sons embrace the past but represent the future. Probably the last time to be playing so early on in the day programme, so if you want to see them on Monday 5 August, make sure you’re on time.

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