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2ManyDJs Live

01:00 - 02:30
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Socials:


Did you really think we would let you go home right after you had seen the most influential band of all time? Of course not. You will be far too excited and euphoric and will want to dance until the break of dawn. Friday 12 August will now be even more brilliant than it already was, because 2manydjs will close the most beautiful night of the year with an hour and a half of crazy ecstasy. For those who do not know 2manydjs: they are a Ghent duo who somehow always succeed in turning up with something new. Anything goes, as long as it sounds great and invites you to go crazy. The last time they played at our festival, they tore the house down when they paired 'Master of puppets' with The Hacker. And don't challenge them, because before you know it they will mix a The Carpenters’ song with a Primus bass line and a terrifying primal scream of Kreator. What we’re saying is: no matter how many times you’ve seen them perform, you will still get at least fifty completely new whatthefuck-moments. So make a note in your diary and block the evening of 12 August as well as the first hours of the following night, because it won’t get any better than this.