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Absolute Body Control

Club Studio Brussel
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Bands formed in 1979 include Dolly Dots, Europe, Absolute Body Control, Spandau Ballet, Marillion and Faith No More. Some had hits, others had the looks and still others enjoyed spectacular haircuts on top of that. And ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, they had Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem. Less stunning in hairstyles and looks, but when it comes to tantalizing electronica, those two have no lessons to take from, say, Dolly Dots. For those who haven't paid their telecom bill and thus can't get on YouTube: when you think of Absolute Body Control's music, think of the best of DAF, Snowy Red or Suicide - music from lockers and cables - the occasional Alain Van Dam on the dance floor and, we searched until we got calluses on our fingers, a staggering lack of guitars. Just listen, once your hookup is back in order, to 1981's fine debut single "Is There an Exit?" which, after all these years, still shows no sign of decay. By the way, in recent years and after the wise decision to make a comeback, we can finally admire Absolute Body Control a little more on vinyl and CD. And finally, FINALLY, this cult group from our own region is playing at this beautiful and pleasant Blur festival, and that on Sunday, August 4, at our club.