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Club Studio Brussel


Radio 1 listeners have known AILI for a long time, their single 'Dansu' (2021) was played there every hour for weeks. What am I saying, Sporza Radio missed the final sprint of Wout van Aert on the Champs Elysées that year because the presenter didn't want to spoil the outro of that song. Priorities! Meanwhile, things did happen, Aili also scored on Studio Brussels, was discovered in the United States, played in numerous European music cities and released a real LP called "Nandakke?" (2024). The first five times we listened we did so hoping we could decipher something from the lyrics, but singer Aili Maruyama uses a kind of phonetic Japanese. Tie a string to that. But nondedomme, the seductiveness of this record plays in the same league as the image of Ursula Andress stepping out of the water in "Dr.No. Hip-swaying and longing for more, we keep running to the record player only to bring the needle back to point A after it's finished. Well, those who get happy with highly infectious electro pop but don't care about an awkward language to sing along, are going to have a rotten time at Aili's concert at our club, on Saturday, August 10. In conclusion, we wanted to launch a quip here in Japanese but believe us, there's no getting around it.