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23:30 - 00:45


An Amenra concert is a total experience that separates the boys from the men, the perfect soundtrack to a splitting headache. Put slightly differently: those who experience Amenra live for the first time come out as a different person. We mean, you walk carelessly into the venue, you have a beer with the mates and from the moment the lights go out until at least a day after the concert, you are caught in the tentacles of this Kortrijk total spectacle. You go for a pint and some rock'n roll but what you get is a black bouillabaisse made in an obscure little kitchen in one of Dante's nine circles of hell. So they tap their brew from some of the darkest vessels heavy music has to offer. Deafening noise, gothic noise, post-rock, post-hardcore, post-blackmetal, post-everything. We don't really know it ourselves, but musically and emotionally Amenra has the impact of a freewheeling bulldozer in your living room. And then that Colin, their vocalist. Or Mathieu, the guitarist. The first thing you decide at a concert is that, in any case, you never ask them to come babysit your newborn baby, who, according to statistics, might be named Noah or Olivia. But those who are open to their universe get hooked for life after an outburst or two from Colin or a riff and a half from Mathieu and are not inclined to go to an anonymous support group for it. We know people - Jana! Mario! - who have seen Amenra live more than ten times. Eloquent citizens they are, well-read too. But describing an Amenra concert seems impossible for them. Go see for yourself they say, with a pitch-black glint in their eyes that betrays both excitement and pity. Amenra, the band of many musical genres beginning with post-, is our closing metal day, on Sunday, Aug. 6. Sticking around after Within Temptation is done at your own risk, the health insurance company doesn't refund anything for this kind of addiction.