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20:00 - 21:00


Our favourite website is "I'mpregnant".com - don't ask - and on that site you can find out all about certain first names. About ANOUK, the site tells us: persevering competitive honest energy determined flexible confident loving adventurous communicative tough sweet. In turn, Wikipedia tells us that the name comes from the Greek Anna, meaning 'the lovely', 'grace' and 'the gifted'. So basically, we have already summed up the amazing Dutch singer perfectly, our job as announcer is done for today. Just yet to report that Anouk is a crowd-pleaser on Saturday 12 August, as part of an evening programme that offers only crowd-pleasers anyway. That unlike all the Anouks you may know from school or work, she carries around thirty (!) hit singles like feathers on her hat. That she completely anchors all the genres of music she ventures into and ends up with soft hard rock, hard soft rock, powersoul and ballads with jackal positions. And all that combined with a voice so powerful you could drill for oil with it. A success story quoi because whenever Anouk makes a record, the big international stars spontaneously step aside, first place is for her after all. So this Anouk is coming to Lokeren. And anyone who has ever seen her on stage will sum her up as: competitive, honest, full of energy, determined, flexible, tough, sweet and gifted, very gifted. Those webmasters at "I'" are no owls lol.