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What wonderful times for Arsenal fans. Leading the Premier League, the perfume of the title therefore almost tickles their nose hairs. More, since the coolest Red Devil has been sprinkling them with perfect crosses, we too are about to have the famous cannon logo tattooed on our upper arm. Time, we at the Lokerse Feesten party thought, to make a few bucks. Inviting the real ARSENAL, that seemed like a grandiose flash of thought. Arsenal, the band, and the Lokerse Feesten, the top festival, are like a holiday romance between two beautiful but by now out-of-teenage beachgoers who fly into each other's arms every few years. With all the passionate consequences. Arsenal, Willemyns and Roan, have been making records based on a blind tug on the globe for years. Where the globe stops and points the finger, they delve into the local musical past in order to create a new sound for themselves. For years now, we have been hoping that the globe will one day stop and Roan will point his finger at, say, Luxembourg, which would probably result in a crazy song about banking secrecy.  Arsenal, the live sensation, that is panting and dancing, vocal support and jumping, kissing and partying. Lokerse Feesten more specifically. Arsenal starts a concert and only a trip around the world later do they step off the stage again. Never before has anyone gone to ask for their money back afterwards because it wasn't any good. And those hits? Find us one person who can resist say 'Mr Doorman', 'Lotuk' or 'Melvin' and you'll get a tattoo of Arsenal's cannon on your upper arm as a gift from us. Admittedly signed by Cross Eyed Benny, an ex-Lokerse Feesten collaborator with the drawing talent of Ray Charles. Arsenal, our eternal holiday sweetheart, will be the closing act on Saturday 12 August. The passionate consequences will again be uncountable.