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At The Gates

17:15 - 18:15


We remember the previous concert of At The Gates on our stage as if it was yesterday. In 2018, At The Gates played the coolest gig in the history of this festival. It was one of those summer days that made an Australian heatwave feel like a spring breeze. Singer Tomas Lindberg kept it up for three quarters of an hour, saw at least three litres of sweat running down his trousers, and roared so loudly, any cloud that dared to come near Lokeren was exiled to France. At The Gates made such an impression that we kick off our tinnitus rehab group with a Hail Mary to one of their records. Now that you ask: this album is called "Slaughter of the soul", was released in 1995 and is responsible for no longer associating Sweden with Pipi Langkous. Naive as we were, we honestly thought that everyone in Sweden walked around with a Colgate smile, girls were beautiful and blonde and every boy looked like Bjorn Borg. Until we heard "Slaughter of the soul" for the first time. After all these years, the guttural, screaming brutality that Lindberg and his mates produced, still pierce holes in our stomach. A "Reign in Blood" of the nineties; acknowledged by institute Rolling Stone who ranked the masterpiece at number 79 of their Greatest metal albums of all time. Mind you, the specialised press mentions melodic death metal. Melodic. Keep that word in mind when you hear the album for the first time. There is a surprise waiting for you that can only be contained by a Valium. Even the great Lemmy moustache worshipped the delicious and intense noise At The Gates produced on that album, being the highlight of their discography. So At The Gates is coming back to Lokeren and will show no mercy when they play that legendary LP in its entirety. Clouds has already announced that they will go on an extended weekend to Lake Garda in Italy. Tip: it seems to be quiet there, there is no need for valium and everyone walks around with a Colgate smile.