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23:45 - 01:15


Balthazar is the capo di tutti capi of Belgian indie bands. They nonchalantly enter a stage and already know you're going to eat out of their hands, don't resist because it's completely unnecessary anyway. It's a machine that is oiled a little more with each rehearsal and they accept nothing less than a column of extras. In short, there's enchantment in the air before they've even started their march to the stage and it rains shimmering magic for many minutes after their set. And don't look as if you don't know all this because you've already seen Balthazar. That's the main reason why you'll be back when they play with us on Thursday 10 August. You'll get what you always hope for from a Balthazar concert: senses going wild, your darling rubbing your arms when the goosebumps give you the chills, a handkerchief that starts a concert dry but always ends up a little wet - that tear during 'Bunker' for example.  For fans: underline the words magic and goosebumps in the text above, let them soak in for a moment and three seconds later you're doing what you need to do - ordering a ticket.