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Have you really never heard of TikTok, the younger members of the Lokerse Feesten board wondered indignantly when we remarked during an eventful meeting that we were surprised that the Brabant phenomenon BERRE had broken through via a children's program. So until a few weeks ago we confused TikTok with Tik Tak, a fine piece of TV history that BRT unleashed on the youngest dandies in the 1980s. Anyway, so it's Berre. It all went pretty fast. Two years ago he sang his songs to an audience of literally one camera, after which the recorded footage went viral and the youth and other populations struggling with all sorts of heartaches had found a new mascot. So Berre plays the role of best friend, older brother, class teacher, psychologist and that one editor who, at the time, had to answer the reader letters soaked in teenage grief in Joepie: his words are wise, relatable and comforting like an old teddy bear. Since his TikTok debut, his singles blindly found their way to the daily programming of the national stations and immediately to the charts. Rightly so, the guy has only just got off the starting blocks and he has already written five patriotic musical highlights with 'Say my name', 'Better off alone' (both 2022), 'Thrill of it all', 'Kissing strangers' (both 2023) and 'Happier' (2024). Add to that the fact that Herman Schueremans believes in him so much that he reserved a spot on the bill of Rock Werchter 2023 and presto, Berre is the man of the moment. Well, the VRT and Rock Werchter being in your camp, I can do it too, you might think. No you can't. Berre has the talent, voice and charisma of the greatest and you, you might just have to buy a ticket and come and see him on Friday, August 2, to see for yourself that even children's programs of the BRT sometimes produce the most amazing artists.