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17:00 - 18:00


In an unguarded moment, we refresh ourselves from the bottle of nostalgia when we think of the 1990s. The decade of Bill and Monica, of bare breasts on your computer screen, Home and Family, of Twin Peaks and of deafening guitars in the charts. Those loud groups, that really wasn't limited to Soundgarden and Nirvana but also ... (what follows is a list that you can also look up yourself via the search terms "best," "grunge," "90s" and "bands. You're welcome). We fell like a Red Devil after David Platt's goal for Biohazard, howlers from Brooklyn who threw the most menacing elements of hip-hop, metal and hardcore into a pot - added some vermicelli - and after an hour of stirring and simmering came out with the most exciting sound of 1993. Not much later they were in Vooruit and we stick to our guns: there isn't a single person in the room who didn't crawl on stage that day and then dive off kamikaze-style. Biohazard then ruled our festival meadows for several years and we don't know about you but we've already got a few stubborn arthroses from it. Fast forward to 2022. News that the classic lineup has been spotted in a rehearsal loft again raises the best hopes for a comeback, even in Europe. Yes indeed, we can finally tell it: Biohazard - the fab 4 : Billy, Bobby, Evan & Danny - will play the macadam of the Lokerse Feesten grounds to the vanes on Sunday, August 6. Jumping, hosing, diving and Billy roaring WHAT MAKES US TIIIIIIICK through a microphone ... Good god what a delicious sixty minutes that will be?