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Bullet For My Valentine

18:30 - 19:30


Where are the days when heavy metal groups had enough of one word to choose a name. Accept. Saxon. Girlschool. Iron Maiden. Okay, technically those are two words but everyone pronounces that as Ironmaiden, right? These new generations, on the other hand, sometimes use half-sentences to introduce themselves to the audience, and that does have at least one big advantage: how wonderful it is for a metalhead to stand in the middle of a festival site and loudly roar BULLET FOR MY VALENTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE, until his vocal cords weep for mercy. This immediately reveals our first name: Bullet For My Valentine is coming to rock our metal day with a giant heap of noise and masterful riffs. New generation band names like to be abbreviated and so we may write that BFMV does not do rests or ballads. We just want to say: who needs corny or cuddly rock when you can just as easily blow the pus out of everyone's ears? Right? Their latest bull's eye is simply called "Bullet for my Valentine" (2021) and contains more power than a 500 mg box of Dafalgan. The band blasts and thrashes and grooves and does so at a volume that makes the decibel meters laugh outright. Those looking for concessions to the general public or the radio stations can cease their search: this is slanderous noise that is going to hit gensters in the moshpits in front of the stage. Trust us, you will be jumping, hosing, waving your head and bellowing the lyrics until your smartwatch calls you with the imperative request to rest for five minutes. BFMV comes from Wales, where all village names contain at least ten consonants and only a handful of vowels. The boys come to Lokeren on Sunday, Aug. 6. In Welsh, that's Lokkkkkyrynwyrnwyryen, August 6th.