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  • Origin: Belgium
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Believe us, we have experienced some miracles here in Lokeren.  Once we saw two bears making sandwiches, which was special. One time we saw two monkeys sleeping comfortably, we stood by and watched them. Just last year we saw two lions yawning nicely o wonder of wonders that those lions could yawn. More even, once we saw Snoop Dogg arrive in Lokeren on time, now that was a miracle. But the greatest miracle that currently comes to mind was that concert by CHARLOTTE ADIGERY & BOLIS PUPUL on the Grote Kaai, just before Kraftwerk. That day, we had already spent six months in the curious universe created by "Topical dancer," her record that she had unloaded during the last winter days of 2022. The album has long outgrown the homeland, just look at the British year-end lists from late '22, for example. Rarely in these parts have such pressing topics as racism and injustice been tackled with such warm and bizarre sounds as on this timeless masterpiece by the Ghent-but-international duo. Meanwhile, everyone knows Charlotte from her bronze medal at the Erik Van Looy Grand Prix and recognizes her as the greatest Belgian style icon since Queen Astrid in 1932. Loved by everyone from Lavinia (7) to Jean (80). By the way, Charlotte and Bolis are doing their only Flemish festival of 2024 with us. Wonder of wonders, you can be there, by making your way to Lokeren onSaturday, Aug. 3, where you will be admitted on the Grote Kaai subject to showing an admission ticket.