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21:30 - 22:30


Coely belongs to a select group of Belgian artists whose beats time and again have to compete with the roar of the applause. Coely has visited us a few times already, but this time we should drive her in an open-topped Cadillac. Or perhaps even better, a golden carriage. After all, we are talking about one of the queens of European hip-hop. The difference with her previous performances at the Lokerse Feesten is that her album ‘Different waters’ has now become a classic. A record that started out as a debut album but now sounds like a ‘best of’. What will it be like when you suddenly hear 'Wake up call', 'Don't care' or 'Celebrate' again, among a few thousand like-minded people? Or some new songs from her forthcoming album. What we do know: the sound engineer will have to do everything he can to avoid your thunderous applause overwhelming her beats. Stressful job, being the sound engineer for a superstar. Saturday 6 August, the Black Eyed Peas and Coely in Lokeren…that will be a party to remember.