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Cypress Hill

23:00 - 00:00


Cypress Hill is coming to the Lokerse Feesten and we actually wanted to announce it with bells and whistles! Until B-Real himself called us with the message that the bells are not necessary, as far as he is concerned, the horns will suffice. Anyone who has seen Cypress Hill live before knows: scout boys they're not. They are from South Gate, Los Angeles and not from Zaffelare, East Flanders. In Zaffelare you are raised on cauliflower and endive, youngsters from South Gate rely on the herbs they twist into their cigarettes for greens. Not to worry, those from Cypress Hill have managed to build a gigantic career around that street culture - 20 million records sold, Sir! - and the crown jewel of their discography remains "Black Sunday," the hip-hop masterpiece from that fantastic year 1993. When we all wore a Soundgarden or Pantera shirt on pare days and on unpare days pulled out a jacket from House Of Pain, Beastie Boys or Cypress Hill, or a hat from Body Count. We'd sit in bars having a cozy pint until someone put a few cents in the jukebox and "I wanna get high" or "Insane in the brain" provided hilarious dance moves. Those who saw Cypress Hill at Pukkelpop the following year still know what it is to go collectively insane. Cypress Hill is coming to Lokeren to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Black Sunday" with you. So guaranteed you will also get the chance to test the soles under your shoes on "I ain't going out like that," "Cock the hammer" and "Lick a shot. Really, we're so proud of this top of the bill - Wednesday, August 9 - that we can't help but announce them with horns. Especially don't buy a ticket if you still want to miss the party of the year then.