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  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Socials:


The days when Flemish youth had to consult the Oxford English Dictionary to decipher the lyrics of their idols are already a decade or so behind us; after all, today's heroes sing in the language of Nicole & Hugo, Martine Tanghe and Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. Froukje, for example, a Dutch export product of the same order as Ajax '95, Sesame Street on NOS or De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, and given her success in these parts, you somewhat gladly open your heart and front door to invite her for life. Froukje already has a lot of festival experience - she already played with us once, in 2022 - but this time she comes armed with a debut album: "Noodzakelijk verdriet" (2024). A record that sounds like sophisticated lacework full of subtle inventions, clever lyrics and a dance beat where necessary. In other words, with her record this Dutch prodigy frees herself from the festival tents at the edge of the grounds or overly early starting hours and hoists herself onto the main stages of this continent. Trumps to make the masses eat out of her hand are called "Nooit meer spijt" "Als ik God was" "Zonder gezicht," the incredibly beautiful "Nu ik niet meer over je schrijf" and "Ik wil dansen". The latter she wrote especially for the Lokerse Feesten. And Pukkelpop. And Rock Werchter, Lowlands and all the other places where a mass of pupils shout and dance themselves towards ecstasy by the intelligent dance pop that Froukje Veenstra somewhat gladly offers them. To be seen with us on Sunday August 11.