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  • Origin: Belgium
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Is he so good that we just ask him two years in a row? Yes, it's true. Although it is a half-truth: last year GLINTS entered our stage in a Sporting Lokeren jersey and we liked him so much that we gave him a multi-year contract. Mind you, we'd love a Berchem Sport, Club Liege or IJsselmeervogels jersey too. Glints is in the cockpit of the Flemish hip-hop scene, flying like a Concorde towards all corners of the world. We are old enough to have witnessed the birth of the subculture - Zeg ne kjir oe loat'est 'k è der gin gedag van - but in the meantime an army of talented young compatriots breakdance and rap themselves on a cable elevator to the top. And who heads an army? A marshal lol. And what is the middle name of GLINTS?  You don't think his name is Jan Corporal-Chef Lemmens do you? Anyway, a year on so his tastiest grapes like 'All-in', 'Bugatti' and 'Roma' can have three hundred and sixty-five extra days of ripening. In other words, you will be presented with a set that will be even more grand cru than last year's. When, you ask? Well, GLINTS may take the heat from fellow competitors Nas and De La Soul. So bring shin guards guys, and a stepladder because the bar GLINTS is going to set for you on Thursday, Aug. 8, is so high that you'll risk a hernia in your neck just by watching it anymore.