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Remember the year Corona waltzed across the continent? We had to keep our distance, mouth caps and home schooling became obligations and we were no longer allowed to party (in Lokeren). But the moment you considered throwing your dancing shoes on, there was suddenly Goldband. Loose Dutchmen who made it a point of honour to release the anthem of the lockdown and that's how it happened: 'Dit is voor jou' has been listened to online by a few thousand people at once somewhere in Flanders and the Netherlands for two years now. Goldband consists of three peaky blinders from The Hague who would dare to dress up as Bassie, Willempie and Margreet Dolman for a formal soirée - dress code: silk shirt, pitta leather, bow tie - and get away with it. After all, never underestimate the gift of a rascal's head and an innate smile. But it is mainly with their catchy songs that these wandering cartoon characters have captured tens of thousands of Flemish teenage hearts. Meanwhile, we are a bunch of singles, EPs, a hit record ("Affordable Romance", 2021) and big festival shows further on and it is clear: those from Goldband are nothing less than the saviours of the once acclaimed Dutch pop. Their sound is like a chocolate fountain with dozens of different flavours and influences and we really want to list them all but that strict webmaster of the Lokerse Feesten is already shouting in our ears to stop. 'My City', 'Psycho', 'Requiem', 'Emergency' ... really, we can hear your banging desire bubbling up to here and we are proud to offer you this spectacular youth festival. A recap to wrap up? Goldband, Friday 4 August and after several weeks of pre-sales, the webmaster may finally turn out the colourful font he found for the new SOLD OUT sign.