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Club StuBru


Ah, that beautiful, cute and mysterious Norway. Haven't we all dreamed of living there before? The fjords, its vast forests, the tastiest salmon, its exciting TV noirs, mile after mile of beautiful nature and did we mention the northern lights? As a counterpoint to so much splendor, color and relocation arguments, we are pleased to introduce Hammok, a band from Oslo whose hyper-nervous noise makes all the local salmon pack their bags until they arrive safely in the clutches of a Canadian polar bear. Listen to their EP "Jumping/dancing/fighting." Jumping! Dance! And slap someone's face! You will hear screamcore with a twist that will make you look forward to their show at our basement club, on Sunday, August 6. Fans of modern hardcore and fans of Norway: be present. And for the love of god, please catch Annemie Struyf safely if she throws herself off the stage again.